Lets get started with Linkme Smart Card

How to activate your new Linkme Smart Card

Linkme do not require app, just choose your phone below

Choose your phone:

When scanning your card on an Iphone, simply hold the card up to the top of the phone either on the front or back.

NOTE: If the link does not appear on the phone, check in the notification Center.

If you have an iPhone X or older, turn on NFC in the control center of your phone.

Iphone aktiver NFC

When scanning your card on an Android, simply hold the card up on the back of the phone.

NOTE: If the link does not appear on the phone, this may be because NFC is not activated on your phone, this is done by dragging down to the top or pressing the NFC mark and scanning the card again.

Android aktiver NFC

Create your profile

Once you have scanned your Smart Card for the first time, simply follow our “creating your profile” guide

Creating your profile:

If you choose to create a new user, you must select a Username, this is what appears from the link you are assigned and cannot be changed later (promo.linkme.dk/Username). in addition, you must fill in: an email and a password.

Then you must fill in information about yourself, including name etc. then choose whether your card should show name or username and if you click on the man icon (profile picture icon), you can choose a picture of yourself, this picture will appear on your profile – These things can always change at a later time.

The last step in the creation is to choose the profile type that suits your brand, you can also choose to set up the profile from scratch.

If you choose “I have a user”, simply enter your username or email as well as the code you created when creating the profile.

Then select that you would like to associate your new card with this profile by clicking on the green button.

Create your links

Choose the links that suit you and your business.

Under the links tab, click on more and then explore all links:

Clicking the add link adds a default to URLs

When you add any link, this will basically be placed at the bottom of your Linkwall and be blank:

Once you have filled in the link with a title and a URL, remember to activate the link by clicking on the toggle so that it turns green:

On the arrows next to the Recycle Bin, you can change the order of your links.

Links appear as buttons on your profile with the text you have written as the title.

At the bottom of your links you will find all Social links here, just enter the user name or URL for your profile depending on what media it is. You can also choose whether they should appear at the top or bottom of your profile.

You can change the order of your social links by dragging them on the icon to the right of the link.

Design your profile

Stand out from the crowd, create your own template that matches your brand.

With themes, you can put your own personal touch on your Linkme profile. You can change your theme under the links tab and then choose the look.

Here you will find themes we have already made for you, otherwise you can make your completely personal one that matches your brand, this is what makes your Linkme completely unique.

To create your own theme, click on create a new theme, from here you can design everything from colors to fonts and the appearance of buttons.

You activate a theme by simply clicking on what you want to use, and it will be activated and updated immediately.

Get in touch with us, we are happy to help.